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Project Description

Two command line utilities:

resxdiff - Compares two .resx files and shows the differences.
resxsorted - Creates a sorted, tab delimited text file from a .resx file


Comparing .resx files is a pain since the order of the keys often changes. I ran into this problem when comparing my .resx file to a previous version in source control. I use VS2005.

Usage (Command line)

resxdiff file1 file2

Reads in the two files in .resx format, sort them by key, and perform a simple merge text comparison between the two files.
Displays differences between key-value pairs in the resx files to the console.

resxsort file1 file2

Reads in a file in .resx format, sorts it by key, and outputs the key-value pairs to file2 as a sorted, tab delimited file.
This is useful for diff programs that allow pre-processing of files to be compared. In my case, I use BeyondCompare,
and the resxsort program pre-sorts the key-value pairs before BeyondCompare compares them.


I am not releasing any binaries for this project. You will need to download the source code and build the project.

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